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Join other area businesses to bring more visitor business to our community. We’re the first in the nation to be officially accredited by The EXPERIENCE Institute to develop a customized visitor-centric program for Greater Columbus. The Experience Dedicated™ Destination accreditation program is based on best practices and well-defined consumer standards for what makes an exceptional visitor experience.

When you participate in the Experience Dedicated™ Destination (EDD) program, you work with the entire local industry to collect ongoing visitor data. Your business will receive trend data and overall insights on your sector of the hospitality industry. This data will inform customer service and improve the overall visitor experience throughout Greater Columbus, resulting in increased visitation, repeat visits and enhanced spending. It’s a win-win. And, there is no cost to participate.

How does this work? Complete the Count US In form below. Then, we’ll contact you with information on how to encourage customers to complete a visitor survey. We’ll provide the tools. It’s just that easy.

If your business/entity is currently participating in the EDD program, please respond to the 5-question Monthly Visitor/Customer Growth Survey between the 1st and 15th of each month. Also, complete the Semi-Annual Insight Survey for December to May and June to November; the semi-annual survey is also open between the 1st and 15th of each month for those who had not already completed it.

More information:

travel-tools-getting-aroundAs part of an initiative from the EDD program, our transportation partners helped us to develop a new Columbus transportation guide. Getting around the city is easy, and there are lots of great options available – from public transportation to car sharing services. Visit getaroundcbus.com or view the printable transportation guide here.

Getting started after you submit the Count US In form below:

  • Click here for the visitor survey creative you can use for electronic signage, email communications, etc.
  • Click here to order free visitor survey supplies that will be shipped to you for free or to download a website banner.
    Click here
     to obtain a document that will help you and your team generate visitor survey completions through intercept surveying.
  • Click here to obtain a document that explains how to get started using the tools that have been designed to “push” visitors/consumers to the survey (e.g., posters, hot cards, table tents, “plug & play” training PowerPoint, etc.).
  • View video tutorial of Experience Dedicated™ Destination program via PowerPoint (Note: Allow time to download. When PowerPoint opens, click on “Slide Show,” then “From Beginning” for automatic play with background music.)

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To learn more, contact Robbie Banks, CTA, Senior Visitor Experience Manager: [email protected] or 614-222-6149.